Why Use Direct Booking For Your Vacation Rentals?
We asked this very question!  And then we researched it... Alot! 
What we found were several advantages that serve our guests - and those advantages are worth sharing.
FIRST  We want you to invest in your vacation, not fees.  Save 10%+ in fees by booking direct with LakeDays.Rentals  
SECOND  We offer guest focused benefits including a $1500 Damage Waiver and Travel Insurance Options
THIRD  Supporting Local Business Keeps Your Investment Local And Creates A Thriving Lake Community
As we discovered the benefits of direct booking, intentional hosting, and the extensive knowledge hosts need to serve guests best; we committed to bring this value owners throughout Lake of the Ozarks.   If you or someone you know shares their home with guests, let's connect!  

LakeDays.Rentals is committed to serving Owners, Guests & the Lake Community

We appreciate your trust in us to provide an exceptional lake experience through our valued local connections.